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    I TRAVELED by Kai Raine

    I TRAVELEDby Kai Raine Heart An apartment buried in booksA nose buried in pagesEyes that fill and spill.Pages smudge.Face in a pillow,Muffled screams?Sobs?Cries.

    REFUSALS by Jeanette L. Miller

    REFUSALS by Jeanette L. Miller REFUSALS           (after watching Jean Cocteau’s “Orphee”)Death calls him from the mirrorbut men can’t reach her alive.The mirror remains only mirroruntil Orpheus puts...

    SURFERS by Byron Beynon

    SURFERSBy Byron Beynon BOB DYLAN: BLOOD ON THE TRACKS The strong cardboard sleeve camewith Till's photographas the back cover turnedto an illustration by Oppenheim;I'd heard Dylan...

    THE CIRCLE by Marc Carver

    THE CIRCLEby Marc Carver AMBIVALENCE The man stands at the barhe tries to talk to everyone who comes to the barbut most ignore himI don't know...

    THE ARROWS by Herbert Martin

    THE ARROWS by Herbert Martin  The Arrows,ate into Saint Sebastian’s freshlike liquid acid,like somethingapplied to antiquesto preserve them,or prepare themfor a market thatwill pay millionsof dollars,...

    FOR EMILY by Joe Murphy

    FOR EMILYby Joe Murphy For Emily In Remembrance It seems your years were set too closely together:When one toppled, all the others fell.