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    A POET’S QUILL by Antoine Airoldi

    A POET’S QUILLby Antoine Airoldi   A poet’s quill grows so slow;From a bird in mid air, too low;Loses its flight attendant, oh;Watch its mill flow even more;When the seasons change;The days shrink to...

    TEARBLANKET by Reuben Ellis

    TEARBLANKETby Reuben Ellis  Tearblanket To alter flesh, use the deciduous catclaw,the spiculumed acacia, tearblanketitscommon name, unpronounceable in  ambiguity.  I could describe it to you,three-thorned, polygamous flowers,...

    OLD SCHOOL by Tony Tracy

    OLD SCHOOLby Tony Tracy Physiography The phenomenon is irrefutable; a true scientificand earthly wonder, mathematical improbabilitythat leaves scholars of astrology scratching their heads...

    THE CLIMATE TODAY by Rafiki Chemari

    THE CLIMATE TODAYby Rafiki Chemari   “THE CLIMATE OF TODAY” Is God raging or crying?With these…Massive storms,And violent quakes. The ones that make, break,And...