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    HERE FOR THE FOOD by Tim Wenzell

    HERE FOR THE FOODBy Tim Wenzell Shoes (Global Warming Version) A true woman evacuates with her shoesand makes certain that all of them,wrapped in garbage bags,fill...

    FIREHOUSE BABY by Austen Roye

    FIREHOUSE BABYBy Austen Roye 1. hang in there my springboard is a type ofsocial solitudepublicly isolated with head downin plain sight.managed two maybe threehours of sleep...

    AFTER HIS TOUCH by Leanne Talavera

    AFTER HIS TOUCHBy Leanne Talavera After His Touch That’s how they’ll get you, throughyour eyes. It’s your eyesthat will cradle flickering irises. Thatwill swim in white...