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    OUT OF BED by Penney Knightly

    OUT OF BEDby Penney Knightly Out of Bed Slow to serenade, wispy, extendingarms and legs, a jungle heap.Moss-fern overgrowth.Dew on cheeks and inner limbs,I blush in...

    I DO NOT LIE IN ’T, YET IT IS MINE by Dane Myers

    I DO NOT LIE IN’T, YET IT IS MINEby Dane Myers If my dead grandpa, a kindly and devoted Republican farmer, were to visit the living   he’d first ask about...

    WHAT XERO OFFERS by Mark Young

    WHAT XERO OFFERSby Mark Young What Xero offers The leading online storage &file delivery service is enviedfor her use of the tropes she keeps in a secret...

    BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS by Emily Brummett

    BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTSby Emily Brummett Boston, Massachusetts: she steps off a twelve-hour ridenext to a stranger-whose shuffled music playlistand snoresdidn’t know personal space. Footfalls...