THIS IS THE LIGHT by Scott Waters

THIS IS THE LIGHTby Scott Waters Leaving the Cove City lights flicker like candlesburning the hem of 5 a.m. I finish my bowl...

THE CHAIN IN THE SKY by Uko Tyrawn Okon

THE CHAIN IN THE SKYby Uko Tyrawn Okon Flowers are spreading a virusThat is what the experts call itIt makes people walk on a chainThat is one hundred feet...


ARMS OUTSTRETCHEDby John Tustin ARMS OUTSTRETCHED Me withArms outstretchedAs if on the crossBut really waitingFor you to comeAnd be envelopedAnd protected andEncumbered by me.

OBSESSIONS by R. Bremner

OBSESSIONSby R. Bremner Too many obsessions for one life to carrywill cause a back to droop eventuallyGood karma like good coffee is often hard to findwhen soaked in the...

MEMBRANE by Alfred Fournier

MEMBRANEby Alfred Fournier Membrane The cat had been missing for days. Mom was home, behind French doors.Her hospital absence stretched,     a membrane under each...

ENCLOSED BY LOVE by Nardine Sanderson

Land and sea when angels fall I did not fall to call your pain, or break ones heart so soft again, I felt such love within no doubtLike heavens precious rainA magical voice...

LIBERTY ATOMS by Christopher Barnes

Liberty Atoms 6 Cormorant beak-walked an eight yard string,Rebuking tide.Pratfalling crock – sauce duxelles.Maisie hassled tufts-       Lost wit’s fingers.Sunset on a rubberstamp:“Everything seemed inevitable”.   Liberty Atoms 7Shellac discRumpled under needle,...

MEDUSA by Andre DeCuir

MEDUSAby Andre DeCuir When My Father Calls When my father calls, we talk of birds,how the blue jays cannonball,their  large bodies splashingwater out of his birdbaths:old...

SAY ANYTHING by Austin Adams

SAY ANYTHINGby Austin Adams Carrion Flower Faint fragrance of aFlower too subtle forHuman sense.It is there. What one cannot know,Call by any name:Iandipan,...

SLEEPY WHALE by Terry Brinkman

SLEEPY WHALEby Terry BrinkmanSonnet CCLXVIIBristles shining wirily in weak lightLady Chapel Jack Priest PeacockMotley affairs of a moss covered rolling rockLast swig of the Challis at twilightLoom of the Moon-lightPat of her...