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    OBSESSIONS by R. Bremner

    OBSESSIONSby R. Bremner Too many obsessions for one life to carrywill cause a back to droop eventuallyGood karma like good coffee is often hard to findwhen soaked in the...

    MEMBRANE by Alfred Fournier

    MEMBRANEby Alfred Fournier Membrane The cat had been missing for days. Mom was home, behind French doors.Her hospital absence stretched,     a membrane under each...

    ENCLOSED BY LOVE by Nardine Sanderson

    Land and sea when angels fall I did not fall to call your pain, or break ones heart so soft again, I felt such love within no doubtLike heavens precious rainA magical voice...

    LIBERTY ATOMS by Christopher Barnes

    Liberty Atoms 6 Cormorant beak-walked an eight yard string,Rebuking tide.Pratfalling crock – sauce duxelles.Maisie hassled tufts-       Lost wit’s fingers.Sunset on a rubberstamp:“Everything seemed inevitable”.   Liberty Atoms 7Shellac discRumpled under needle,...