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    EARTH by Aracelly P. Campo

    Earth It is earth with its majestic dimensions that Confronts all its creatures with the cruel indifference of Forgetfulness and the coldness that sleeps in the abyss Of death Aracelly P. Campo, a.ka “Bones” grew up in Miami Florida....

    DEAR CUSTOMER by Idalis Wood

    Dear Customer, I apologize for not being what you want. I’m sorry I couldn’t be the man you wanted. It’s not my fault I wasn’t born with a certain appendage between my legs. Maybe if I was, my requests...

    WINDOWSILL by Geri Gale

    Windowsill I place my boss’s head on the windowsill cinematic light shines on his temples. I have removed his tongue. My boss no longer stands before me no longer lords over me no longer determines my future no longer demeans me no longer lies...

    CLOCKWORK by Anannya Uberoi

    Clockwork The clockwork's clunking cycles— routine chirrups working with our own, mechanical metronome dictating our waking and falling and drifting in staccato synchrony. The clockwork's scissors shard furibund flowers by the hour, comb the seasons, change their warmth, pendulum the...

    BREEZE by Alan Berger

    BREEZE There is a soft breeze coming from a place I use to be A sweet gust between the two of us A truce of sorts if you want to call it that A sort of cease fire...

    OVERFLOW by Adam Day

    OVERFLOW Judges – spit no polish; wigs out of order – clouds hanging like wool on barbed wire. History rush loosens jaws white system reality rewritten in cities that are also history. Adam Day is the author of Left-Handed Wolf...