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    FLAME DIVINE by Nardine Saric

    Flame divine. ( Read both ways bottom too top also) Cover me in loves sweet notes for all that sound does travel well And in my heart, I felt each feather So softly I had fell -...

    GODDESS by Celine Low

    Goddess She was a goddess in his eyes when he did not know her. She knew marriage would take her off the pedestal but hoped desire and love could learn to live on levelled ground. But when pedestal crumbled where...

    A GATEKEEPER’S VIGIL by Helen Sokolsky

    A GATEKEEPER’S VIGIL I wander through carpets of heather and primrose leaving behind a discordant arena my salve is found locked in this garden where a single flower can restore the soul no strife present in this cloister...

    THE CANYON by Daniel Senser

    The Canyon Over the course of eons, the flow of water Has shaped the stone, The sharp edges smoothed and rounded By the water’s constant flow. To weep is an honest exclamation, A reclamation of the soul. The rock is old...