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    BLUE FOX SEATS by Terry Brinkman

    Alabaster Breast Milk Ilk Horns Dragon-Lilies Zodiac redemptionIrish wine Brandy sniffer graceShe’ll be back in a flashLimp as a wet rag looking at her facePollenate paraphernalia paper trashAlabaster Breast...

    NEON MARMALADE by Alex Hand

    A stained glass imaginingFrom the third floor the treetops are filigree fine,emergent tendrils nod frantic nervousnessin the ethereal breath of a gossamer breeze.Lace leaves play like piano fingerscaught by ripples from whipish...

    A COLUMN OF SMOKE by Sally Sandler

    A Column of Smoke ghosted west to the seaand I missed my off ramp like most of the otherswho prayed to the fire gods

    A POEM FOR THE WIND by Lynn Dowless

    A Poem for the wind When the veil of darkness finally descends,and that light within us diminishes,perfect peace and contentment shall stand for eternity then,when our days on earth...

    NOTICING WOMEN by Madlynn Haber

    Noticing Women I am not the woman in the front row staring with adoring eyes at the poet,her husband, on the stage behind the podium, reading from his collection.

    MASQUERADE by Cynthia Warrington

    MASQUERADE: This Face I wear to show what the world expects to see,a carefully painted visage rendered in muscles strainedand emotions held in check. These garments...