Poetry - Year III - Number 18 - November 2018

    SIMULTANEOUS WORLDS by Mark Hurtubise

    SIMULTANEOUS WORLDSBy Mark Hurtubise Momentary Tree Visit Oak -  holder of leaf nations,passageway for squirrels,jay and crow scribe. From its...

    RESILIENCE by Andrew Hubbard

    RESILIENCEBy Andrew Hubbard My first name is MarybethMy last name changes about once a decade. I bought this little log cabinWith a stone-fenced vegetable patchFor a...

    RETICENCE by Rick Adams

    RETICENCEBy Rick Adams reticence a heart shatteredlike a brokenmirror; the shardsof glass slitthe wrists ofa man’s desire plagued with lonelinessand fear andhatred and...