Poetry - Year III - Number 19 - December 2018

    THE PARTY by Laura Solomon

        THE PARTYby Laura Solomon   The PartyYou have to be dead to be invited to this party.As is to be expected, all the stars are here.Janis, Marilyn, Jesus.There are ordinary people too though.Kevin Watson...

    POND FROG by Dr. Nathanael O’Reilly

    POND FROGby Nathanael O'Reilly Pond Frog a young frog makes her homein the backyard pond beneath the stone water featureunaware that every summer

    UNDERNEATH by Roger Singer

    UNDERNEATHby Roger Singer UNDERNEATHFall back under early stars.The sea moves reflective waves,pulsing onto sand, building likeengines of thunderous clouds.Streams of people merge intotemporary spaces; strangers oncorners, a brief land...