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    A COLUMN OF SMOKE by Sally Sandler

    A Column of Smoke ghosted west to the seaand I missed my off ramp like most of the otherswho prayed to the fire gods

    AS CINZAS DO SOL by Rosangela Batista

    AS CINZAS DO SOLby Rosangela Batista   As Cinzas do SolCegam o céu;Secam o sal de Pernem.Dão bocadinhos à luaDe açafrão e cal.Cai, cai pó-ente,    Põe cinzas d’ouroNos tetracantos da mente.Cinzas da ÍndiaSerpenteiam em minhas águas:Brindes...

    SONNET CDLXII by Terry Brinkman

    Sonnet CDLXII Deep velvet Azul of the Nile Steely skies rolling ridge wheel Gallivanting around as they kneel Meadow of...

    MEDUSA by Andre DeCuir

    MEDUSAby Andre DeCuir When My Father Calls When my father calls, we talk of birds,how the blue jays cannonball,their  large bodies splashingwater out of his birdbaths:old...

    INCONSTANTE CORAÇÃO by Roseangelina Batista

    INCONSTANTE CORAÇÃOby Roseangelina Batista INCONSTANTE CORAÇÃOPrelúdio ao poema de Ajahn Mun Ora um fluxo de momentos,ora um fluxo de vazio presente. A semântica...

    WOW by Boris Kokotov

    A trap I have mixed feelings about what happened that day --following her out of curiosity,staying in her place for no reason except… Pity. Is it...

    WHY by Dave Clark

    Why Why. Who is better off at their final breath? I cry out. Why? I get no answer. There has to be an answer for this. Surely some reason, Some purpose. But what answer Would leave me feeling okay About their demise? What answer would satisfy? Why. I’m...

    NOTICING WOMEN by Madlynn Haber

    Noticing Women I am not the woman in the front row staring with adoring eyes at the poet,her husband, on the stage behind the podium, reading from his collection.

    EARTH by Aracelly P. Campo

    Earth It is earth with its majestic dimensions that Confronts all its creatures with the cruel indifference of Forgetfulness and the coldness that sleeps in the abyss Of death Aracelly P. Campo, a.ka “Bones” grew up in Miami Florida....

    GODDESS by Celine Low

    Goddess She was a goddess in his eyes when he did not know her. She knew marriage would take her off the pedestal but hoped desire and love could learn to live on levelled ground. But when pedestal crumbled where...