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Fiction - Year II - Number 6 - March 2017


    HAPPILY EVER AFTER WORLDBy Susan Lago Annie has a date. They met on TruLuv.com, a dating site for those who haven’t yet given up on love. So far most of the men she’s met have...

    HEADLESS BUDDHA by Stephen J. Gallas

    HEADLESS BUDDHABy Stephen J. Gallas The baked clay temple towered over the clearing surrounded by lush green foliage, and served as the only landmark in sight. This particular temple was set away from the innumerable...

    MOURNER’S PRAYER by Richard Klin

    MOURNER'S PRAYERBy Richard Klin      After the end of the Second World War—after the German occupation, the round-ups, the hiding—the tailor’s son and daughter boarded a ship and left Brussels forever, bound for New York...

    TIMES BEING WHAT THEY ARE by Beth Deitchman

    TIMES BEING WHAT THEY AREBy Beth Deitchman Raymond put off telling his employees about the impending branch closure for three weeks.  At first he held onto the hope that the bank's prospects would change, and...

    THRIFTY’s by Tony D’Aloisio

    THRIFTY'SBy Tony D'Aloisio You could see him through the glass of the front doors as we came walking along up the sidewalk of the Kilkenny shopping center.  Chuck.  Standing in front of that one pinball...

    LOVE AT LAST DANCE by Jonathan Ferrini

    LOVE AT LAST DANCEBy Jonathan Ferrini Traffic inches along the 101 Freeway at rush hour South of San Francisco on a Friday evening except for the luxury buses racing up the carpool lane. I can...