Fiction - Year III - Number 18 - November 2018

    HE HAD A LOT OF STUFF by Thomas Tomlinson

    HE HAD A LOT OF STUFFby Thomas Tomlinson Greg was not a neighbor you would want to have. He would always play loud music. The neighbors were always asking him to shut it off. He...

    MISS NOMER by Ross Dreiblatt

    MISS NOMERBy Ross Dreiblatt “A true Queen of the Valley always carries herself with the utmost grace, style and speaks clearly with the occasional well placed vulgarity.”This phrase, the one so royally pronounced weekly to...

    A FOUR-LETTER WORD by James Brennan

    A FOUR-LETTER WORDby James Brennan Jack Broderick, who worked in human resources at a prestigious university’s school of government, had made a career out of playing it safe, so he wasn’t crazy about the exposure...