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Fiction - Year IV - Number 24 - May 2019

    THE NIGHT WE MET by Aimee Hardy

    THE NIGHT WE METby Aimee Hardy   I opened my eyes, and it was snowing.I was all alone.I lay there wrapped up in a blanket, looking out at the...

    COUSIN ITT by Bruce Kamei

    COUSIN "ITT"by Bruce Kamei “Can I have a Rover here at sixty-nine and seventy?” an immigration inspector asked over the radio.            “What’s the problem?” asked INS Acting Supervisory Immigration...

    A HARD CALL TO MAKE by Kristine Sarasin

    A HARD CALL TO MAKEby Kristine Sarasin  Before she got to the restaurant Shyanne had thought that a pair of dark wash jeans, tiny black heels, and a white...

    MOVIE LIFE by Ken O’Steen

    MOVIE LIFEby Ken O'Steen   I remembered the sun and the warmth and the tall palms. I thought about them during the New Hampshire winters, though I remembered few...

    NOTHING FOR YOU HERE by Mitchell Waldman

    NOTHING FOR YOU HEREby Mitchell Waldman   I've got bad news: there is nothing for you here. Nothing.Do you want to go through life in a dream state?You are...

    VALIDATION by Ivanka Fear

    VALIDATIONby Ivanka Fear       I lost my identity today. Seriously, I woke up this morning and couldn’t for the life of me remember who I am. Maybe I’m still dreaming, I...