Fiction - Year IV - Number 27 - August 2019

    THREE by Keith Hoerner

    THREEby Keith Hoerner To Clara: Regarding Your Critique You shared your writing with me. An extension of friendship, like a handshake. More like the reaching out of hands with the chance to be held – or...

    THREE SMALL WORDS by Paul Lamb

    THREE SMALL WORDSby Paul Lamb Three small words. Just three syllables.“Don’t tell Mom.”What brother might say to brother, but less likely from father to son. Words calling for trust and, in the same breath, betrayal.“Don’t...

    MY FIRST SOLE LITTLE LETTER by Paweł Markiewicz

    MY FIRST SOLE LITTLE LETTERby Paweł Markiewicz My first sole little letter Calling allringing so beauteously-muse-like and winged like eternally gentle pinion of a melancholic harpDear valued mellow quaint readers-dreamers! At 5.30 pm the meek time...