Fiction - Year V - Number 28 - September 2019

    THE FACE OF NEED by Joe Ponepinto

    THE FACE OF NEEDby Joe Ponepinto At the charity dinner, the city’s wealth was like a fragrance, subtle and sweet. As she breathed it in she began to have a vision of an altered future....

    THE FASTEST GUN ON 441 by R. W. Haynes

    THE FASTEST GUN ON 441By R.W. Haynes OK, here’s the story.The setting is a semi-rural 7-11 type store. There’s a kind of lean and hungry lookin, raggedy, kind of dirty character, walking through the parkin'...

    NOISE by Kelley Vick

    NOISEBy Kelley Vick "What.  Is.  That.  Noise?"  Rachel stared at the ceiling of Rodney's apartment – her new home – and pursed her lips.  A sound she could only liken to a herd of cattle...