Jennifer Renson

The author of CAROUSEL – 1st Place Winner Best YA Fiction of 2015 Urban Literary Magazine

Jennifer graduated from Monmouth University with a degree in Public Relations/Journalism with a minor in History. She participates in Open Mic/book signing/spoken word events throughout New Jersey and writes for Lost Treasure Magazine covering a variety of topics from Captain Kidd, Cesare Borgia, King Arthur, the Library of Alexandria and Richard III. Her photography has obtained online awards from Capture the Jersey Shore and following her interest in history she has been a volunteer archaeologist.

A.M: Tell us more about yourself, Jennifer.

J. Renson: I’ve had the honor and liberty to meet well known actor and photographer Norman Reedus, the talented Michael Rooker, and the creative minds behind The Lego Movie, Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Not only have I been an extra in Chris Rockwell and The Stickball Social Club’s music video “We Don’t Play To Win” but I’ve been featured in Monmouth University’s Monmouth Magazine, have done several online magazine interviews and have been on internet radio including 40footholestudio and New Visions Radio. Writing is my passion and I hope to one day make writing my full time career intending to inspire the world with my works. “There is no apology for passion.”

A.M: What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?

J. Renson: My latest book is “Carousel”. It is a story about a young man who hides his face behind a mask upon the orders of his grandfather. He returns to the homeland he never knew Lucca, Italy, hiding within an annexed building attached to the abandoned palace where he befriends a young woman at the forgotten carousel. All the while the mysterious and beloved doll maker pulls the strings trying to control every aspect of their lives. However, secrets begin to unfurl. Secrets that will change the lives of not only themselves but the entire kingdom left behind by the royal family. The entire story was quite literally an experiment for me. I wanted to see if I could write a story that, someone like Tim Burton would write and enjoy. It covers several themes from fairy tales to suspense taking place in an alternative timeline with plenty of thrills and surprises to keep the readers guessing at every chapter and in the end wanting more.

A.M: How long did it take  to write your book and how fast do you write?

J. Renson: Carousel took me about a year or so to finish but I did not submit it to be published by Pulse LLC until a year later. I write pretty quickly to keep up with how fast the ideas are coming together.

A.M: Do you have any unusual writing habits?

J. Renson:  I tend to write my poems in blue ink and stories/story ideas in black ink. I carry scrap paper with me everywhere because inspiration occurs during the most random times and I could never afford to wait to write these thoughts down. Forgetting even the smallest of ideas/details is a horrible feeling.

A.M: What authors or books influenced you?

J. Renson:  I’ve been influenced by several books and writers such as J.R.R Tolkien, Oscar Wilde, Thomas Malory, T.S Elliot, and the artist Winsor McCay.

A.M: What are you working on now?

J. Renson:  As I am continuing my poetry I am working on another book that I plan to send to literary agents once it is complete.    

A.M: Is there any, or rather, what is your best method in promoting your books?

J. Renson:  So far the best method I have been using is a combination of word of mouth and social media. Since I am heavily involved in the writing/art community in New Jersey I am able to attend a lot of events that enables me to talk about my works while meeting and befriending new people who share similar interests. 

A.M: Do you have any advice for new authors?

J. Renson:  If you want to write, write. Write what you love. Write what you want. When it comes to criticisms take them with a grain of salt. Where some reviews could point out mistakes that you might not have seen yourself and could benefit from, others will try to nitpick at every detail in which its best to not let them get the best of you. Don’t let the critics bring you down but bring you up. Not everyone is going to like what you write and that’s fine. Everyone is different just like books.

A.M: And what is the best advice you ever heard?

J. Renson: Though this was not directed towards me, I adore this quote especially coming from someone who had been working for years big dreams and goals and in the end was able to achieve them. It provides me with so much hope and confidence that one day I too will be able to achieve my dreams and goals.  “Be kind. Be on time. Take the work seriously. Don’t take yourself too seriously.” (Tom Hiddleston)

A.M: What are you reading now?

J. Renson: Currently I am reading The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. Upon finishing it I plan to read The Man in the Iron Mask.

A.M: Who are your favorite authors and what are your favorite books?

J. Renson:  My absolute favorite books are The Picture Portrait of Dorian by Oscar Wilde, The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien, The Life of Cesare Borgia by Rafael Sabatini, and Le Morte d’Arthur by Thomas Malory.   

A.M: Finally, what is next for Jennifer Renson?

J. Renson: The prequel to Carousel titled  The Cottontail is underway by the same publisher Pulse LLC. I very excited for when this comes out for it takes readers into the Lucca, Italy they never got to see in Carousel. They will learn a lot more from our main villain while introduced to two new characters living in the palace. I will be attending the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con in June and plan to attend a lot more open mic/book signing/spoken word events in N.J. For all the updates on the events I will attend, check out my social media sites.  I want to thank everyone for their continuing support in what I do. Thank you for the reviews, for attending my events, and spreading word about my works. 

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