Poetry - Year III - Number 18 - November 2018

    THE LOVE OF LATIN by Howard Sage

    THE LOVE OF LATINBy Howard Sage Amidst the cost of all that encompasses the blankiverse these days, tolls to pass...

    ODE TO MADAM CURIE by Bray McDonald

    ODE TO MADAM CURIEBy Bray McDonald Ode to Madam Curie Whyfinds no comfortin reason. Shoutingdoesn’t help.Beggingbecomes a fierce round eggfree to ponder.

    THE PERFECT POEM by JR Solonche

    THE PERFECT POEMBy JR Solonche SONNET X X is the first letter of the fewest words, onereason why X is my favorite letter.X is a person,...