Poetry - Year IV - Number 24 - May 2019

    NIGHT HYMN by R. Nikolas Macioci

    NIGHT HYMNby R. Nikolas Macioci   NIGHT HYMNA prostitute saunters back and forthunder a streetlight, takes permissionfrom the night to be there.  She poses,walks a few steps, poses again.  Sheis a beginner, barely able...

    PROPERTY by Monty Jones

    PROPERTYby Monty Jones Property How hard it iswhen you start to think about itto get everything together. Even a “bare” stagewill have its...

    DOMINION by John Casey

    DOMINIONby John Casey deference for despair still sodden frigid mornmuddled ubiquitous shadowsscattered, brittle leaves at footfallraven sky black thoughts dark path restlessly listless...