Poetry - Year IV - Number 24 - May 2019

    COME TO ME AND LET ME HOLD YOU by Olivia Du Pont

    COME TO ME AND LET ME HOLD YOUby Olivia Du Pont  Come to me and let me hold youIn the dead of night where voices are hushedBreathe life into...

    WORK OF ART by Valerie Patrick

    WORK OF ARTby Valerie Patrick   Work of ArtHold my face like the Portland VaseTrace the pictures on my cheekbonesGaze into my eyes like the Mona LisaAppreciate every stroke of colorCaress my body like...

    CALM by Elana Wolff

    CALMby Elana Wolff   Calm,not so long ago / the river ambling through the valley /easy in the aptitude of being in the blue beside the fireweedand pocket gophers stomping on the vandal grass...