Poetry - Year IV - Number 24 - May 2019

    CALM by Elana Wolff

    CALMby Elana Wolff   Calm,not so long ago / the river ambling through the valley /easy in the aptitude of being in the blue beside the fireweedand pocket gophers stomping on the vandal grass / the...

    DIVINE by John Raffetto

    DIVINEby John Raffetto    A LATE FATESeas fossilize into parched buttestrapped shellfishanthropoids in dark matter.Time did not freezeas massive ice balland volcanoesmerge into passive resistancepush and pullon earth axis.The bacteria count is one.A joke of...

    NOT A PRAYER by Diana Anhalt

    NOT A PRAYERby Diana Anhalt  For Ethel Figueroa, the Librarian, My Heroine, who lets me hide in the library— closed for recess—when girls in patent leather, red ribbons tied to braids,scoff at my orthopedic shoes, my...