Poetry - Year IV - Number 24 - May 2019

    DOMINION by John Casey

    DOMINIONby John Casey deference for despair still sodden frigid mornmuddled ubiquitous shadowsscattered, brittle leaves at footfallraven sky black thoughts dark path restlessly listless...

    PICTURE NEGATIVE by Gabrielle Amarosa

    PICTURE NEGATIVEby Gabrielle Amarosa   Stars’ Crossed LoveI see her across an inky sky,Pure light,Brighter than any other.She is part of the great bear—Like a bear herself,The strongest and most fiercely beautiful.We all orient...

    LEAVING BUCHAREST by Jules Elleo 

    LEAVING BUCHARESTby Jules Elleo   Leaving Bucharest In the courtyardof my apartment block,there is an elm tree.Its foliage reaches upto the 5th floor.Its rootsrun deepbeneath our sleep.TwiceI will...