Poetry - Year IV - Number 24 - May 2019

    COME THE COMET by Jeremy Gadd

    COME TO ME AND LET ME HOLD YOUby Olivia Du Pont    Come to me and let me hold youIn the dead of night where voices are hushedBreathe life into the night,For you are...

    DOMINION by John Casey

    DOMINIONby John Casey deference for despair still sodden frigid mornmuddled ubiquitous shadowsscattered, brittle leaves at footfallraven sky black thoughts dark path restlessly listless...

    ANNIVERSARY by Cathryn Essinger

    ANNIVERSARYby Cathryn Essinger Anniversary The Harvest Moon rising frombehind the strip mall appears tetheredto the horizon, but soon it will clearthe radio tower on the far...