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Fiction - Year II - Number 6 - March 2017

    THRIFTY’s by Tony D’Aloisio

    THRIFTY'SBy Tony D'Aloisio You could see him through the glass of the front doors as we came walking along up the sidewalk of the Kilkenny shopping center.  Chuck.  Standing in front of that one pinball...

    LOVE AT LAST DANCE by Jonathan Ferrini

    LOVE AT LAST DANCEBy Jonathan Ferrini Traffic inches along the 101 Freeway at rush hour South of San Francisco on a Friday evening except for the luxury buses racing up the carpool lane. I can...

    MRS. HENDRICKSON – A short story by Debra Levy

    MRS. HENDRICKSONBy Debra Levy Billy Jr. was swimming in the lake with his mother. He was a good swimmer for a five-year-old, fearless in the water. They were out beyond the pier, in the drop-off...

    PICKING COLORS – A short story by Terry Sanville

    PICKING COLORSBy Terry Sanville In a field along an eastern reach of the Gambia River, Nyima picked cotton. Her daughter suckled at her breast as she stooped to pluck the white fluff from the sharp...

    CAT AND DOG – A short story by Kirk Weixel

    CAT AND DOGBy Kirk Weixel Back then the streetcars would come sparking and clacking around the corner down from the turnaround at California Avenue as they headed into town, and Tony Hunter would stretch out...

    SICK AT THE THOUGHT – A short story by Joshua Hren

    SICK AT THE THOUGHTBy Joshua Hren Little Michael let himself in the backdoor, his lank hand firm around the hydraulic meant to ease the door shut without slam, his black bangs cut in such a...