Fiction - Year V - Number 36 - May 2020

    BEAUTIFUL IN THE WATER by Brad Shurmantine

    BEAUTIFUL IN THE WATERby Brad Shurmantine  Packed with the fat and arrogance that would kill him three years later, Julius Schott lumbered back to his portable classroom after the...

    OBSCURA by Ian Swalwell

    OBSCURAby Ian Swalwell  It was too early for the cacophony, too early for the anxiety, too early for the shame, but it was there anyway.  It wasn’t late enough...

    THE BRIT by Alan Swyer

    THE BRITby Alan Swyer  At first Adam Lerner didn't know whether to be stunned, dazzled, or simply jealous about Colin Nichols' rapid rise in Hollywood society.Both having arrived on...