Fiction - Year V - Number 36 - May 2020

    BETWEEN THE AISLES by Jessamyn Violet

    BETWEEN THE AISLESby Jessamyn Violet  Fixation: An obsessive preoccupation.Sometimes, the only thing I can do to keep my mind off of him is to go shopping—mainly for cheap, useless items that make me more aware...

    HORSEBACK by Eric D. Goodman

    HORSEBACKby Eric D. Goodman Dustin prepared the horses for another day of riding. The sun had barely risen, but he’d already put in a few hours. Earlier, he’d made breakfast—eaten three eggs, bacon, toast, and...

    THE NEIGHBOR by Fiona Cooke

    THE NEIGHBORby Fiona Cooke     Tommy was always the paranoid type; he bought 1,000 dollars' worth of security cameras and security locks, so if anyone were to show up, he’d see them. The only thing...