by Edward V. Bonner    
Radiant Flames

The shifting currents 
shoulder the cerebral coast, 
sending sediment 
through your brain.
Instinctively the mind wakes 
more quickly to agony,
than a star-shaped heart 
radiant with flames.

Brushing silica
from your fingers…
Scars of persuasion
like a violent storm.
The darkened skies
behind your lidded eyes
wild with wind
and beautifully formed.

This field wields it’s bouquet:
hypnotic, exotic and consuming.
Our bodies tossed on thick moss,
surrender in kudzu,
soaked with sweat.
Too late to understand,
fate was in our hands.

Thanks to co-author Jocelyn Vaughan 
 Nature’s Silhouette

Darkness will cover what is hidden by light. 
It let’s you caress the imagination
of unknown sight.

Distorted shades play a story
only the character can assemble.
Ethereal images are accented
with beauty or ghostly tremble.

Calm winds whisper a solemn song 
and the young fiddlehead ferns
wake for their turn.

Fresh, hushed, mesmerized hues 
glimmer against the trees,
lightly covered with dew.

And there she is.
Her sculptured limbs flowing with design.
Curves of luscious sweetness
enveloped our pulsating minds.

A peace that captured the eyes of grace
answered to nature’s calling place.
 Howling Echoes

Lonely is the wilderness blanketed with snow, 
whose ember eyes reflect a most dazzling glow.

In the twilight sky she hunts alone,
scanning the forest upon her throne.

Brilliant stars covet the earth.
Rising thermals embrace the secret spells 
of nature’s mirth.

Her first howl echo’s through the misty hollow.
The alpha male perks up his ears and follows.

Together they search for prey.
A series unfolding they hunt for days.

Intelligent, cunning and calculating.

Hunger drives their instincts to excel.
An inbred survival of hidden spells.

Rhythmic sound waves shatter the sky.
Eyes slowly adjust to pinpoint why.

A cry from an elk, it’s life in despair.
Holding tight, the wolves run in pairs.

Their ecstasy is mastered through a paradox of existing.
Only in the end, life will be forgiving.

This surging wrath becomes a prosperous ending.

God’s chosen to thrive, 
these beautiful animals will survive.
 Intoxicating Passion

As the earth time changed in early spring.

Somewhere now he stands, steam pouring from his body.
Heat and humidity screaming, but no breeze.

Her pulsating heart crossed over with trembling hands.

This hysteria is an intoxicating passion wrapped around their delirious emotions.

To the lips of forgotten fruit, 
let them pass between rivers,
moistened for thirst of a delicate star.

Their hidden grace ‘neath lace unraveled by the rosebud’s thorn.
And when they transcend, petals unveil in a storm.

Eclipsed by Eros’s shadow.
A pervasive zephyr begins to burnish their flesh like pearls refracted through glass.

A love completely spontaneous and uninhabited absorption. 
Followed by a perfumed fragrance,
life’s consummation has been fulfilled.Thanks to co-author Jocelyn Vaughan  
Hovering Beyond the HeavensHovering beyond the heavens
the verdant dawn,
awed by the auric benefaction
of a painted horizon
saturated by our Mother’s
dulcet murmured benediction.

Perched high in an oak,
a magniloquent Martin
melodies manifest
with grace and delight
and the caress of the 
mourning dove’s coo.

Westerly winds 
entwined the land 
where secrets behold
from her tender hand.

Rejoice with the blessing of
Divinity’s voice.   About the Author: Edward Bonner grew up in a small mill town in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.Hazelwood, Pa. A very rough neighborhood. Raised by his mother and grandparents until he was 13 years old. That’s when his mother remarried. He then moved to a suburb south of Pittsburgh. Growing up, he probably got into trouble like most kids. An avid outdoorsman. 5th degree black belt / 36 years in Shotokan karate. Author of “One Kiss” Just One Kiss.  A collection of love poems and more. Author of Through The Eyes Of A Lost Boy. A collection of poetry about  “Love, Loss, Trauma, Pain and Healing.” A journey of life through writing.