by Linda Greene

History of Elves

twilight streaming lights do shine
nothing brighter than a child’s eyes
tinsel toy soldiers sleigh rides
snowball fights anticipations rise

a never before told story kept in disguise
every holiday season it’s been the grandest surprise
with a zip zap zing of fairy dust poof! from the skies
twinkle, sprinkle, tinkle, crinkle and wrinkle
perform astonishing amazing wondrous delights

in the Christmas tree stands the secret lies
elven homes in the noble firs and Virginia pines
passage ways to a small shoreland realm
lead to the luminescence land of Lindon
the empire where all the elegant elves reside

while we’re sleeping snuggled in our beds
Christmas excitement running through our heads
toys, gifts, presents, love, hope, good will to our fellow man
gold and silver shining bells ringing, waving Santa’s hand

conjuring mystical spells, hues of azure
pulsating emerald, illuminating glow
strong green fire, enchanted arrow
wizard traverse’s dimensions door
cast into the universe all our dreams set free
transferred to Christmas miracles under our trees

Magic Castle

Sunday morning
October 28th 2018
just before Halloween
front page featured
newspaper story
headline reads

“medieval mickey’s murderous massacre maze”

on the top of a hill
in windy city Englewood
on the far south side
there sits an ancient castle

Irish architectural design
discovery horrified
dead bodies found inside
mickey’s murders mortified`

thirty five year old
m. maltin aka
dr. m.m. mudgett
recently paroled

lured his young victims
into the new “clubhouse”
masked as mickey mouse
for mousekeeter tryouts

doors and stairs
that led to nowhere
doors open onto brick walls
a complicated labyrinthine floor layout
intricacy no design flaws

populous trap doors secret passages
keyholes anomalous peepholes
used to insert hoses
for pumping poisonous gases                                                              

hodgepodge quandary
sound proofed rooms
basement chutes
torment suffering agony looms

discovered down
in the dank depths
scattered skeletons
body elements
animal and children integuments

worse yet acid vat
dissolving human debris
crematory stove overflowing
table with tools for dissecting

bloodied kids underclothes
torture devices
medieval dungeon
veritable demonic underworld

written on the revolving walls

“I was born with the devil in me. I could not help the fact that I was a murderer, no more than the poet can help the inspiration to sing — I was born with the ‘evil one’ standing as my sponsor beside the bed where I was ushered into the world, and he has been with me since.”

Dr. M. M. Mudgett

more blood curdling details
next week front page
you don’t want to miss it!

Beauty Defined

real beauty is authentic
amazing adorable alluring angelic
excites the keenest of pleasures
stirs emotions through the senses

chemistry love vortex electric
enthralling enticing enchanting energetic
weak knees light- headedness
uncensored thoughts freudian slips

hypnotic desire tantalizing magic
mesmerizing mystical marvelous magnetic
risqué intense lascivious
euphoria perfected delirious

hair, waist- long natural baby blonde lovelock
light lingering lavender lovely luscious lilac
charismatic aura illuminates confidence shines
blue-green mirrored black iridescent eyes

my words have no hidden meaning specific
sassy sensitive selfless sincere sympathetic
bubbly sweet honest never lies
kind loving caring altruistic wise

complex multiple layered thinking
self- awareness unbiased honesty
life societal world understanding
conscience ethical moral complexity

written word undefined
best I could do is the first line
visual physical distractions
not for your eyes to see
take time or you may miss her
real genuine purity

character defines beauty
look inside her soul and spirit deeply
insightful glowing fascinating vibrancy
most beautiful woman discovery

About the Author:

Linda Greene: “I am 54 years old, born in Baltimore MD, and grew up in Northern Virginia area.  My work career has been accounting and I do have a bachelors degree.  I am new to writing/poetry but I have always had rhymes as such in my head, sometimes silly ones.  Other times it’s like a door way opens from one to the next and it goes on and on.  I love Dr Seus, and the Never Ending Story.  I do have ideas for book series as well. And am currently on All Poetry site taking free courses in writing. I like to try different subjects and styles and have found I seem to be a bit versatile and enjoy fantasy.”