LISBONby Byron Beynon   WAVESFirm muscles of water
move deliberately across the board
pumping the air with sounds;
a panoply of waves,
the preserved overlap
in a mind of curling whispers
come to blend with the shore.
Complex characters
with a fickle strength
their joints flex the sinew of each current,
a flipper of transport for the moving sea. 
  LISBON Lisbon is a ship
full of discoverers.
Again you come to me
after all those fallen decades
as I follow the inquisitive
rhythm of the Tagus.
A source for adventure,
the brave, the reckless,
those with enough faith
reaching towards a fresh horizon.
I send you
a memory of exiled postcards,
a stainglassed window
from history made for the people
to scrutinize as flags slowly unfurl.
The tides are my witnesses,
calmly speaking their unique
speech to the stars.  
  PONTE 25 DE ABRIL Crossing the river
I imagined a bird
flying over this stretch of confident
water guiding me towards home,
towards safety.
The familiar light,
a dagger of sun
piercing the eye,
the accomplished link
that gained a foothold
on each shore.
I float with thermals
beneath the sky’s arc,
deep blues which caress
the mind’s senses,
I travel there with time
on my frame.RUBBERY Each wave a miniature cliff
crumbling into foam and forgotten.
Molecules of sand come to the boil,
hot-plates beneath the sole
as a tune of sea ripples into chord.
A flux of turquoise
adding season to the flavour of the shore,
while conforming lizards
wait for the evening feast of moths,
their rubbery bodies translucent
against the bulbous light.  About the Author:Byron Beynon lives in Wales.  His work has appeared in several publications including Adelaide Literary Magazine, San Pedro River Review, North of Oxford, The London Magazine and Poetry Ireland Review. Collections include Cuffs (Rack Press) and The Echoing Coastline (Agenda Editions). His selected poems appeared in 2018 (Bilingual: English/Romanian – published by Bibliotecha Universalis/Collectiile/ Revistei “Orizont Literar Contemporan”, translations by Dr Monica Manolachi, University of Bucharest).