Bar-tailed godwit

‘What happened?
You are lost in deep thoughts
Looks like you made a long solo trip
Like a bar-tailed godwit’
I asked my beloved.

She continued her meditating trance
Smiled, showing her soul,
And finally landed on earth.

‘When we are silent
One part of my soul
And one part of your soul
Start a beautiful conversation
Holding our hands

They float, fly and migrate
Back in time, up in the constellation
Deep in bliss, lost in future

They keep on talking
When I am awake and asleep
When I cry, laugh, sigh
When I bleed, break, breathe

One part of my soul
And one part of your soul’

Ranjith Sivaraman is from Kerala, a beautiful state in India. He is a literature lover and fan of Poetry. Even though he read poetry most of his life, he started writing very recently. He is an ardent fan of Sara Teasdale, Sylvia Plath, and Dorothy Parker.