Poem one: (Decorum)
How bittersweet is sleep, The pillage of the end, where death evades the breath of life, and silence is a friend, for what becomes of us and love, does it last eternity and seek freedoms
Like a dove.

Poem two: (values)
I cannot place my value on a single string that love would play, for I am mortified that death might take away, all that I had valued in a single note of bliss, and once it comes, the blue unpleasant, might linger longer
than a kiss.

Poem three: (forgiveness)
Must I ask forgiveness, from the dark void that steals the light, love would armour any hand, but a willingness to fight, for love lives in shallow ground, the water takes its toll, and there would justify that ache within
my soul.

Poem four: ( starlight)
This the night so bitterly divided and starlight makes an interesting scene, but not before we are subsided for all the love that lays between, how does one then reach the heaven, whilst the clouds all rage with rain, and that lonesome wind it calls, unto my
heart again.

Poem five: ( live in him)
Will the tapestry weave his soul into webs of my sleeping limbs, for I have suffered long and hard but waiting, for the hymns, a song might play against the waves and morrow bring the dawn, but I have many times before felt as if forlorn, oh sorrows plague me in the heart, where he alive can only dwell, and tender I may live in him a holy light as well.

Poem six: (clovers in the rain )
When the light shines on the clover and rain persists to fall, luck might grant him pardon and not hurt at all, for what of his heart when faith insists he be as brave, only to find his gentle love falls
upon a grave.

Poem seven: ( judgement )
Might judgement call this dusty place A lifeless home, and deaths disgrace, for withered like an evening rose, the ocean greets beside and throws, back and forth the moon of night, only to greet the lending light, which shadow on my pale face, and all those angels lead with grace, to a paradise unknown, when seeds of love are set aside because that love
had slowly died.

Poem eight: ( alleviate my pain)
If the harrowing wind shall brace these arms like they have never loved before, and heavens grounds shall reap thus soul, in high tides evermore, should you find the cold limbs of an enchanted tree, turning barren, no fruits, held down by the seasonal rupture of a seaside, down with roots, buried in a tomb misplaced, when grace has left the light, behind, alleviate my pain my darling for love I say
I’ve lost my mind.

Poem nine: (surrender not to death)
Surrender not to death my darling, for long might angels sing, what I can’t nor dare to say as an offering surrendered hearts they plead for light, and mine well due might glow, but only as a star might wonder, towards the night and so, deep breaths would have been hard below the tiding sea, and as you know, I loved the so
More than life in me.

Poem ten: ( reconcile )
Can you begin to reconcile the love within your heart my dear, for all is dark without a flame, and I fear the end is near, how does one tell the heart to stop, it loves forever just the same, and nothing can relieve that ember of my aching pain, for I am lost amongst the dark, my darling, awaiting the coming light, and so I say, it soon is day
But leave thee in the night.

By Nardine Sanderson

Dearest beloved,

Do not weep for I am sleeping and paradise it holds the light, a frail moon, would lay with doom and all the stars would fright. But you my darling Edgar, might not understand me now, long ago we were so young and strong enough somehow, my very weakness proceeds me, to the cliff face and the tide, a place of rest for ghosts they haunt, I kept it all inside, I shall lay with sorrow at the rushing of the stormy sea, and there make heavens angels come, and waves would cover me, and love would neither part the way, it lives eternally like our vow, you may hold my heart against the pressing chamber now, so leave not the window open, and place more rose to pasture there, for I was loved so tenderly, but in my depths despair, forever seems to promise something, I know you’ll love and never leave, but ghost or darkness, I had nothing but my lungs to breathe, in my shallow water the rocks make better use of me, and so my tears lay hollow, too
Into the deepest sea, where loves sweet accordance won’t crave me in the wretched end
For you my sweet darling was my one and only friend. Love me in the seasons when the amber takes to heavens sky, and leave me not without a rose
beneath the tide, for I.

As so loved for many years, my Eleanor of light, and as the haunting so begun, it was my only right. Needless to say I loved her hard, embrace she was by death’s great tide and I was broken beyond measure for my darling bride.
There lays a tomb of troubled souls, who could not bare the other leave, and so one died, the other cried, and was haunted I believe.
Two ghosts may travel the waves, of love into the ocean deep, love forever haunts, the halls in shadows that they keep.

Nardine Sanderson is an Australian author and poetess whose love of word’s stretch across the sea to immortalize the loves in her life.