By Carl Scharwath

  WAYFARINGCity rain breathing
Radiation from the storm clouds
As tar black feather balls
Disguise the avenue.Ghosts in the metropolis
Leer from empty buildings
Poisonous tomb stones
Rising in the shadowsDevout of humanity
Lifeless and forsaken
On what journey
The victim returns?   ADMONITIO

You are the genesis of today
The cancers of a desperate heart
etched in the loss of hope.Vision doubled, fractured
fragments give warning
Blood rushes in a sojournFollowing the Daughters of Zion
adorned in self-alienation
to a future world, without history.   AXISThe passion shall escape
While the past,
Flickering hungry
Is Bleached invisible.You gaze at
The unfeigned light
Walking out determined
From the world.Knowing how it feels
To be broken
And have a black hole
On your time-line.   ENDEMIC SOULAmong the painted faces
lost in a labyrinth
of emotional chaos.Lies a linguistic fault line
meandering down the
expanse of  imagination.The day obliterated
in metaphysical time
searching for yourself.   APHONIC

She is the lament
of the voiceless

consuming silence
onto parchment

into the psyche,
histories skirmish

chains of the enslaved
loosen their duress

to her words–
we together manipulatethe pendulum
to rebuild our most treasuredcommodity-
authorCarl Scharwath, has appeared globally with 100+ magazines selecting his poetry, short stories, essays or art photography. He won the National Poetry Contest award for Writers One Flight Up. His first poetry book is ‘Journey To Become Forgotten’ (Kind of a Hurricane Press). Carl is a dedicated runner and 2nd degree black- belt.