A poem by Shola Balogun

Touch my lips with your tail, enthralling troubadour
And renew your ties twice now
With my triangular elements.
No winding muse can measure your flight
Still even with all the wisdom
From the far east of Paran
When you released your wings
At the lone songs of the weary Egyptian maid
And taught your folk arts to distant travelers.

Come into my dreams tonight, guardian bird of the road
And make your nest with me, your proselyte.


About the Author
Shola Balogun,playwright,poet and writer whose creative Muse is the Mystic ladder of the Yoruba world and Judeo-Christian thoughts,is from Yoruba South-Western part of Nigeria,West Africa.
He was the winner of the First Educare Trust’s OLAUDAH EQUIANO POETRY PRIZE(2002)and the FESTIVAL OF PEACE POETRY AWARD(2OO5) organized by the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan. He is the author of a collection of Poetry,THE CORNWOMAN OF JURARE &
OTHER POEMS(2007). His other books are: THE WRESTLING OF JACOB, DEATH AND SUICIDE IN SELECTED AFRICAN PLAYS, and, PRAYING DANGEROUSLY: THE CRY OF BLIND BARTIMAEUS (available at Amazon and Select bookstores) His play,EGUE EGHAE,is ready for the stage. Balogun also writes stories for Children.