by Anthony Saunders 

It was a dark night, like the others he’d experienced before it. He was always walking but never knew why, he had a great life, ton of money but one day decided to walk away from it all and still he wonders why. Lights flashed by as the hours did but he kept walking. Then suddenly one of those lights stopped and asked if he needed a lift. Not having been asked before he agreed to the kind gesture of a stranger. Still he was going nowhere what was the point of the ride he wondered. All he could do was sit in silence and think as he became one of the lights that flashed by. The driver began to speak asking if he was hungry but not only did he acknowledge the kind gesture he realized his savior was a woman. She began reaching trough her bag trying to find something to eat as she did he looked around and noticed the car was a mess the seats were torn and there was a smell. He seen that this woman had nothing but was willing to give and he realized that the reason he left, he was so selfish in his life believing that everyone was able to get by on their own. He walked for days and then spending 1hr in a car realized what he needed to do. He asked the woman if she could take him home. She looked at him and smiled then he pointed behind them to imply it’s the way they came from she began to laugh as she turned the car around to take him home. They arrived at his house and she was amazed at the size and couldn’t believe he had been walking. The man asked her to wait a sec while he went and grabbed something for her, she waited to see what he was going to do. Then the lights of a car creeped down the man’s drive way once the cars were close enough he stepped out and handed her the keys. This gesture made the woman cry as she sat in the clean car he handed her a card his card saying he’d help whenever she needed it. After a few months the man started creating jobs for the less fortunate and in doing so increased his own wealth which he put into creating homes and jobs the man had felt alive for the first time and it was thanks to one kind gesture from someone who had only a smile and a ride to give.