By Patrick Mahoney


The line is long and never-ending
As it winds throughout the sky
Across the clouds that hide the sun
And stars that never shine
The melting pot of human forms
Blend in with one another
There is no color to define
One person from another
Each face is drawn and hollow-looking
Like a dried out piece of fruit
There is no shoving or pushing here
In this line of forgotten souls
For what awaits at the end for them
No one can change it now
For some the wait will reap a dream
That life has tuned for them
For others it will mean regret
The guilt will be upon them
And they can be assured of that
Their destiny has found them
The line draws closer to The Gate
That has but two small doors
And standing there in majesty
Is The Creator, One and All
The souls of men from yesteryear
Proceed through either door
Not randomly, you understand, for they have cast their mold
That sends them either up the stairs
Or to The Basement down below
The carpet that adorns the floor which leads into The Basement
Is worn from heavy feet of men
About to leave their souls
The stairway leading to The Top
Is like that of a virgin
Because the line is leaning left
To the door that does lead downward
Our judgment day is coming soon, the mold has just been cast
Which door will we be walking through…
The Basement or The Attic?


A little girl you are to me
A little girl you’ll stay
You’ll always have your way with me
An uncle never strays

We play around with all your dolls
And have alot of fun
But soon the dolls will fade away
And the braids will tumble down

But when that happens, you and I
Will still remain the same
We’ll laugh, we’ll play
But not with dolls
You are a woman now


Love is a many splendor thing
Until you fall in love
The trap that’s set is one of joy
Til the jaws close very tight
The poets marvel at the grace
And beauty love entails
But hardly ever is the saga told
Of a love that has gone sour
I know now how Lucifer felt
As He tumbled from the Gates of Heaven
A trip from Paradise to eternal damnation
Will harden the softest heart
As it has mine in this hour of darkness

The feeling of the desolate,
The darkness, and the cold
Will always bear a deep, deep scar
In this broken heart of mine
The passion that I once enjoyed
And bathed in for a moment
Is lost in that abhorrent passage
Where all past loves do go
My heart is spent on what I had
And will never be the same
And just as Lucifer I will dream
Of breathing life again


The heavens rage in ceaseless furies
As the holocaust begins
The Earth revolts from its quiet sleep
It now has been awakened
The sky becomes a slurring field
Of smoke and dust and ruin
And all the world screams out in pain
Armageddon has returned

In Heaven God begins the task
Of taking in the sinless
Of making sure His loyal ones
Will live as He has promised

In Hell the Devil laughs with glee
And curses God the Father
For Satan now is paying back
His former friend and founder

On Earth the people raise their eyes
And beg for His forgiveness
But begging will not save their souls
And they bow their heads in shame

The angels of the Lord set out
For the final test of power
To seek domain and Holy Rites
That are all but now forgotten

The demons of the Underworld
Prepare for their new Kingdom
By feasting on the rotting souls
Of Hell’s unnoticed prisoners

With a final blast from Gideon’s Trumpet
The battle lines are drawn
And Heaven and Hell unite in terror
As the lands turn into dust
The Devil snaps the World in two
And starts His way to Heaven
As all the Angels of the Lord
Announce:  “It’s Armageddon”


Somewhere in this universe
There lives a mortal man
And also in this universe
There is a promised land
The mortal man is in his cage
And waits to be released
The Promised Land was always free
For it was not in danger
The mortal man dreams of the day
His prison is collapsed
The Promised Land is here to stay
As long as man is not
The mortal man is thinking why
His sentence is so long
And the Promised Land is still in shock
For the cousin it had lost
The mortal man is ignorant
Of what he really did
The Promised Land is jubilant
That it is not now dead
The mortal man remembers why
His punishment was harsh
And the Promised Land begins to weep
Its enemy has been found
The mortal man awakes his brain
To start his way to home
The Promised Land just melts away
The conquest has begun
The mortal man repels his cage
And he is now the master
The Promised Land is swept away
To join its ghostly cousin
The mortal man just walks away
Another Eden to discover

About the Author:

Any form of writing exposes the soul, exposes the heart exposes the essence of what and who we, as humans, are. Particularly so with poetry…words become passion, emotion, and breathe life into the printed page.  Poetry, to me, is what a blank is to an artist, what a roll of film is to a movie director.  Poetry is…me. And who am I? I am one who has a lifelong love affair with poetry. I’m an American living in England. I’m a dad, a teacher, a husband, a son. I’m a poet.