By Edward Bonner


What thou find in a poor man’s wallet
An amazing talent
To survive
Holding true to God’s word
A secret for this man to cuddle on a doorstep
To wake in the morning
And breathe
Does he wonder about his next meal
Of course not
Food will come to him
At one time this man had a mother and father
Who fed and clothed him
Taught him their ways
To be a good person
And things will come
Every morning he walked to church and said his prayers
Not for himself
But for this world
A world peace
Unknown to billions of people
Only few will hear his words
And they will remember
The name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit


The earth is calm and cool
Your butterfly wings emerge and silently unfold

A metamorphosis transformation begins
to grasp the world within

They flutter in our moment of time
Flowers of the air, they show their beautiful design

Loving and free to see
You spread the Lord’s beauty for me


I fell in love with a girl
Her name I shall not tell
Everyday I dreamt our hearts would collide
Watching the sun go down in the mid summer’s eve
I see her eyes aching inside

Irresistible waves of magic
Outpouring energy to the sky
Holding me close to her breast
Where our love shall never be denied


If I wrote you a letter asking how much I mean to you
Will you answer
Our eternal torch is burning
An everlasting love revealed
A relentless yearning
Of few secrets concealed
Your eyes are hidden by a veil
With a luminous mist
A prevalent glow of amber
That will always exist
I fall into a trance of your perfumed scent
Between eternities
Filling my heart content
Through my extremities


I am the one that was made of fun
Slow at wits and eaten to bits

The one who would dream of the sun
Where your life would become undone

Then one day you filled my heart with kerosene
Where I learned how people can be mean

Unspeakable regards of a human life
Your raptured ways were a dreadful plight

Don’t ask don’t tell for the pain I endured
In written words they are finally secured


Last night I watched myself sleep
Looking out I see
Your judgment is how the spirit weeps

People that fabricate are fools
Who corrupt and break the rules

Where beauty and pleasure seldom fail
Truth and reconciliation will always prevail

About the Author:

Edward Bonner grew up in a small mill town in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.Hazelwood, Pa. A very rough neighborhood. Raised by his mother and grandparents until he was 13 years old. That’s when his mother remarried. He then moved to a suburb south of Pittsburgh. Growing up, he probably got into trouble like most kids. An avid outdoorsman. 5th degree black belt / 36 years in Shotokan karate. Author of “One Kiss” Just One Kiss.  A collection of love poems and more. Author of Through The Eyes Of A Lost Boy. A collection of poetry about  “Love, Loss, Trauma, Pain and Healing.” A journey of life through writing.