By Roger Singer

There was an unwillingness
of movement.
A stretch like tree tops
in a tempest.
A few indistinguishable words
slipped clumsily into the air.
The visions were intangible;
the ones
you think you touch but
fail to feel.
It was a spirit dream, a
celebration of aesthetics.
A temporary creation of
interior thoughts like
running through water;
a beating of the heart in the
seconds between where one
Radiant neon heaven lights
strike a course across the eyes,
stirring them open
to a morning world.


I settled down,
though briefly and had
a think,
like when water becomes
ambient, not warm or cold;
placid while reshaping an

It was a must, a brush with
orderliness, creating the back
end before leading the pen
to water.

It became a flower moment,
an opening as if sun touched,
bringing up the curtain,
reducing the haze of disturbance,
holding the thoughts back
so the first word could lead
to verse and then story.


There was a glass reflection
of sky and overhanging branches
as we passaged down river,
slipping through calm water;
an excursion through nature’s lyrics.
Each wide corner revealed another
portrait in perfect color;
small gatherings of birds swept
silently above.
There was a balance.  A quiet
tempest of greatness.  An
undercurrent of power not seen.
A language of deep motion with
ancient voices.
The potential unlimited.

About the Author:

Dr. Roger Singer has been in private practice for 38 years in upstate New York.  He has four children, Abigail, Caleb, Andrew and Philip and five grandchildren.  Dr. Singer has served on multiple committees for the American Chiropractic Association, lecturing at colleges in the United States, Canada and Australia, and has authored over fifty articles for his profession and served as  a medical technician during the Vietnam era. Dr. . Singer has had over 890 poems published on the internet, magazines and in books and is a Pushcart Award Nominee.  Some of the magazines that have accepted his poems for publication are:  Westward Quarterly, Jerry Jazz, SP Quill, Avocet, Underground Voices, Outlaw Poetry, Literary Fever, Dance of my Hands, Language & Culture, The Stray Branch, Tipton Poetry Journal and Indigo Rising.