Phony was on the ugly side than the others in the litter at the yard sale. Every pup was taken, but her. She yelped disparately at every person that went by the deep box she was in. Soon she had fell asleep in that box. That night the box was shipped off to the elderly woman’s daughter.

The boyfriend of the daughter, Miles, found the rugged box at the doorstep tilting his head to a weak whine. He opened it to see an ugly pit-bull mix puppy. At first glance he revolted thinking it was a rat. “You, nasty varmint, what are you? A rabies infected rat?” He said now poking it with a stick. “I know what to do with you!” He said getting excited. Miles waited a while before going back down; he wasn’t sure how long it would take the puppy to wake up. Miles had even gone out and got some expensive porridge just for this puppy. He smirked at himself walking to the basement door unlocking it. flicking on the bright lights as the black bag hung on his index finger swaying as he descended to the basement floor.

Phony, her eyes felt heavy as they fluttered open. She went to groan from the massive headache but started to cough rather violently has her throat was surely bruised inside and out. She then caught her breath and started to look around starting to come too. It was dark but she kind of guessed where she was with the feeling of the cold concrete against the side of her pale face. “Wha…” her words cut short when she went to move, she hissed as her body strained. She moved her head down, she gaped, she’s tied up rather complicated.

Miles paced over to Phony “Ah, sleeping beauty, is finally awake,” he said, letting out a laugh overshadowing her “Look I got you a present,” he reached into the bag and took the can out, leaned down close to Phony’s face “You seem very quiet now,” he whispered then straightened up laughing and gasping in a sigh. “Will you accept my gift?” he asked as he observed Phony.

Phony flinched and groaned, squeezing her eyes shut. A burning pain behind her eyes went into her skull. Miles come into her view. She breathed into the rope in her mouth glaring at him with a nasty glare.

Miles laughs. “Look at you! Looking like a mad little puppy,” he gleamed “If you don’t take my food I have offered, I’ll just won’t feed you,” he said while he done a circle aground Phony.

Phony’s glare intensified. She was fine if Miles didn’t feed her, she was choosing not to eat on purpose anyways.

“I wanna see how fast you brake and become a hopeless puppy at my feet,” Miles said and folded his knee then kicked Phony in the stomach that was arched toward him. “Be yourself for once. Isn’t it boring being someone you’re not?” he huffed and kicked her more passionately watching her struggling. “You are trash!” he yelled.

Phony gasped and her eyes widened as she was hoofed in the stomach, it hurt even more due to how hungry she was. She panted hard and glared at him once again, which only pleased Miles more. An even harder kick right in the abdomen, so hard, she heaved up a light bit bile from lack of food. Most of it soaking into the rope and seeping out the corner of her mouth on the floor. She gave a shuddered groan panting harder. She looked to Miles weakly as she is trash.

Miles smiled beautifully at her. “There’s the obedient puppy I want,” he began to untie Phony, taking the rope away from her body.

Once her mouth was released from the rope, she jumped up leaching her teeth into Miles as face as she could until felt the flesh rip off leaving a bloody gash in his cheek. It was only an act to get free from Miles. Her head swam with blood lust as she chewed at the meat and blood. She was so hungry, the fatty meat from Miles’ face, she started to maul him.

“What is going on here?” The daughter said.

A woman’s voice came to Phony’s ears, and she looked to the side. Her ears flattened as she started to growl and bark at the woman. As Phony barks bits of skin and blood fly out her mouth.

The girl revolted at the scene. She screamed to Miles running over to him. She hugs him to her body. The gurgling moans Miles let out, bubbled more blood through his nose and gashed out throat. “It’s going to be okay, Miles.” The girl tried to comfort Miles. Ion his condition, there was a slight chance of surviving.

Phony growled fiercely at the girl, her bloody teeth looking orange as it mixed with her fleshy drool. She smiles gruesomely at the girl, inching closer to the girl, ready to devour the girl’s chewy cartilage—then saw a flash of light at the basement door and knew this was the time to leave. She darted for stairs, up them, out the door, in through the kitchen, out the back door. She ran and ran as her bones would pop and crack. She spit up some blood when she finally got to a familiar house and passed out at the door.

“Oh my gosh!” An elderly woman said. “Bonny?” The woman looked at the bones that was showing through Phony’s skin. “My lord!” The woman scooped up Phony and took her in.

A month later Phony was healed up and lived with the elderly woman.

Anastasia Jordan is a Full Sail Student going for her Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing. She loves to collect horror books. She writes stories (not published) in her free time.