by Olga Kawecka     All will be just for the better.
Do not listen to the world,
Whose speech is but a clatter
From the hollows of Naught.


How the Gothic world laughs by its joking gargoyles
At this epoch of nothing! And the azure is bright,
Like the hundred and thirty-third psalm, over mires;
And the distance is clear after the violent fight.
All will be immortal in the Kingdom of theAlmighty.                                                                                                          
All is but a contour of the perpetual day.
Many are called… And the hallow fire is lighted
Under the sorrowful vaults, to illumine the way.

2017    The Incessant Prayer  

Father, help the one who is crying;
Help a heart which is waiting in vain;
Help a poor one who is dying;
Help all those who are in pain.
Oh Father, I pray for all losses,
For all those who languish with grief.
Thus a restless wave surges and groans
Neath an overwhelming dark cliff.
Listen to my inexpressible prayer,
Which is throbbing, like blood, within me!
May all sorrow, anguish, and care
Change to happiness, and may peace be!

                         In memoriam ***

I am unable to retreat.
I taught myself to go forward –
through the dark,
across the unknown,
in spite of pain.
When I could not go
I crawled.
I never looked back,
at the void.
I learnt to fight circumstances
and my body.
Now I have to struggle with the pain of loneliness
tearing my soul into flames of despair.
And I shall fight,
for your sake;
I shall do what I must.
Maybe, my battle will be lost,
but I cannot retreat.
I am going forward
to spite the torments of the human void.
For your sake…
2017    About the Author:OLga KaweckaI am a poet, prose writer, translator, and historian; author of fourteen books.          
I was born in Tver (Russia) in 1987, but my ancestors came from Poland.     
Literature enthralled me since my childhood.   I began to write poems at twelve (a desperate longing for true friendship was their main idea). At the age of sixteen, I published my writings for the first time.
In 2007 I went to Tver State University (the Department of History). The same year I set to an intense self-education, which lasted six years. It included history of Europe, Russian and foreign literature, biographies of poets, European art, history and theory of classical music, the First World War (mainly the Western Front), and other subjects. I learned nine languages (including Latin and Aramaic).     
In 2013 I published my first book. It was a collection of poems and poetical translations from nine languages into Russian. Then there followed other books: three collections of poems, a collection of photographs taken by me at an old Polish cemetery in Grodno (Belarus), a novel about the Swedish composer Joseph Martin Kraus (1756-1792), etc.       

I am greatly obliged to my friend Artyom Kouznetsov, who inspired me to live and write.