by Antoine Airoldi   A poet’s quill grows so slow;
From a bird in mid air, too low;
Loses its flight attendant, oh;
Watch its mill flow even more;When the seasons change;
The days shrink to an inch;
All captains set their ships;
Out of water, out of gold;Afraid to rise to the occasion;
In becoming the man with the;
Last words, never came so close;
Because a poet’s quill stains;And every mint of fabric;
Stretched with a thin needle;
Pin it, cross the waves of;
A pattern so firm and just;Never builds character;
Without a poet’s quill;
And it stains the very fabric;
And as it stains, the world;
Goes blind for just one second    About the Author:AntoineAntoine Airoldi is a storyteller, author, and Elite Speaker. He uses creative writing to generate more leads and sales for his clients. Furthermore, he is the author of Insights From Professionals and Revival, and is soon releasing his first novel: Kingdom Come. The art of storytelling has propelled his career to a whole new level as he is published by The Sherbrooke Record, The Campus, The Townships Sun, Gen Z Publishing, etc. Antoine is proud to announce that this is just the start to his everlasting legacy.