by Edward Bonner

A faint murmured word spoken with a stunning smile.
Like opening your eyes in the early morning and gazing at Jupiter all alone.
A surreal glow filled the heavens from her beauty.
An enchanting fragrance, sweet – scented Dior Hypnotic Poison
relaxed a tense mood and eased my heart.
Within the captured secrets that held myself,
I kissed her warm lips.
A tender touch of breath brushed against her body.
Gliding the curvature of her breasts
under an ivory laced poet blouse,
unbound words blossomed.
We walked to my room and stood at the door hypnotized.
Her image emanates unimaginable gracefulness.
“I want you here tonight”
In a desired silence I revealed.
Unlocking the door we held each other like the god Helios embracing the earth.
Thoughts wreathed our emotions.
I whispered looking into her eyes.
“I want to dance”
Our dance.
by Earth Wind and Fire.
Why I love you
I can’t find the reason.
In our romantic world we danced until passion breathed into our bodies.
“Mountains over mountains.
The nights we stood outside staring at the North Star,
imagining our eyes will meet again.”
This moment.
What I am to you is real.
Then again we kissed.
Without breaking our rhythm, I carried her to bed.
Legs wrapped around my waist.
Window blinds lowered with only a filtered cast radiant enough I could see her splendor.
Another soft kiss on her neck,
earlobes and shoulders.
She wanted more.
Removing her blouse.
Tracing her breasts, feeling her tighten between my fingers.
Closing her eyes she gasped arching back.
Slowly kissing and licking.
Tongue tipped pirouette around,
to the sides and under.
Lead an integrating a tease.
Let it storm.

All our instincts crystallized
into a silent adoration.
I succumbed to her beauty.
I removed my shirt, and then, our skin met.
Cold becomes warm.
Warm becomes wet.
The excitement intensifies.
My lips followed her scent down to her thighs.
Guiding my head.
Pulling me in.
She was unstoppable.
I was unstoppable.
But a kiss is what I craved.
Warmth I desired.
This wasn’t only ecstasy, this was lost love.
So beautifully nude,
we made love.
Having her fall asleep into my arms,
I closed my eyes and drifted away.
I surrendered my soul,
till the end of time.

About the Author:

Edward Bonner grew up in a small mill town in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.Hazelwood, Pa. A very rough neighborhood. Raised by his mother and grandparents until he was 13 years old. That’s when his mother remarried. He then moved to a suburb south of Pittsburgh. Growing up, he probably got into trouble like most kids. An avid outdoorsman. 5th degree black belt / 36 years in Shotokan karate. Author of “One Kiss” Just One Kiss. A collection of love poems and more. Author of Through The Eyes Of A Lost Boy. A collection of poetry about “Love, Loss, Trauma, Pain and Healing.” A journey of life through writing.