by Magdalena Garcia

Who Is She

Don’t you see that she doesn’t care about you like me but still you love her more than me, how could that be?
She shows you no love in your time of need unlike me, yet you bring out the red carpet when she does show up and treat her like royalty.
She cares about you only when she needs your help but any other time you don’t exist in her world.
She’s white and your black I wonder how she feels about that.
I’ve never seen her be affectionate to you, not a hug, or a kiss has she ever given you but you made excuses for her and would often say “she loves me her own way and that’s okay.”
We both came from you and we look like twins but our hearts are so different. I got mine from you and she got hers from him.
She was the daddy’s girl and I believe that to be true even though we both looked like him I always wanted to look like you.
She may not love you the way that you want to be loved, no worries my Queen because you have another daughter that will step up!