by Alan Berger

All the things you left behind.
Your toothbrush, your pillow, where you would rest your restless mind.
The book you wrote and read out loud.
The way you couldn’t blend in with the crowd.
A dog and cat that still wait by the door.
Your last pair of socks still laying on the floor.
I remember you saying that when you were just thirteen,
You knew you would walk always with a melancholy sheen.
Some call it shadows that disappear in the fog,
Sir Winston Churchill called it his “Black Dog”.
I could not be more serious,
We almost had a near life experience.
I’ll still feel the same rain and breeze,
But my head on your shoulder gave me my peace.
They say time heals,
It doesn’t.
They said it was all just a dream,
It wasn’t.

About the Author:

Alan Berger

Me I have a gimmie shelter puppy kitty cat
His tail swishes like a crazy blind bat
I hope one day he wakes as big as a tree
So he can devour all my fears
Without hurting my greatest enemy