By Rick Adams


a heart shattered
like a broken
mirror; the shards
of glass slit
the wrists of
a man’s desire

plagued with loneliness
and fear and
hatred and distrust;
happiness lost a
trial and was
sentenced to death

a soul abducted
and held captive
by emotional scarring
that may never
fade and may
never be forgotten

an occasional facade
of compassion and
geniality mask a
natural and sincere
cruelty and resentment
and blatant disregard

withdrawn from a
world of love
and warmth and
empathy; distant from
wide open arms
and welcoming hearts

these that are
not known may
never be known
about the beautiful
woman and her
barricade of reticence

my five friends

last night was spent with my five friends;
my five best friends in the whole wide world.
their names are Cabernet,
and Shiraz.

they are always there when I need them;
they relax me
and soothe me.
they help me through my problems,
dull my pain,
and help me sleep at night.

they will never ignore me,
avoid me,
desert me,
deceive me,
lie to me
or steal from me.

we were all together late last night,
my five friends and I.
when we started the night,
they were full of body
and color.
before I knew it,
four of my five friends
were gone.
the only one left
was Merlot.

it was late
and I was tired.
they’re good at that,
my five friends.
they’re good at
making me feel tired
and sleepy.
they’re good at playing tricks on me too.

“how do you feel?” asked Merlot.
“I feel good,” I replied.

“well,” said Merlot,

“just wait until morning…”

About the Author:


RICK ADAMS is an aspiring poet and short story writer. His work is influenced by life occurrences and human behavior with recurring themes that include isolation, alcoholism, depression, and longing. He currently resides in Texas and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio, Television, and Film, as well as a Masters degree in Information Systems Management.