by Heide Arbitter

These days
Some assert
History is a lie
The Holocaust never happened
Somebody made it up

In Washington, DC
Capitol to a country
Of assailed settlers
The blood of recollection
Sprinkled on soil
Fertilized Cement
And blossomed

Some insist
All visit the Nation’s Capitol
To throw away money
On fake attractions

Concrete structures have thick skins
Which aren’t affected by gossip
And others know
Monuments make history real
So why tear them down

After standing at the Holocaust Memorial
Some will feel
Others will not
All will have faced


About the Author:

Heide Arbitter’s plays have been produced in New York City and regionally. Some of these productions include a one-act, HAND WASHED, LINE DRIED at the Joseph Papp Public Theatre; a full-length, FROGS FROM THE MOON, at the American Theare of Actors; and a one-act, TILL WE MEET, at Unboxed Voices. Smith & Kraus and Excalibur published JILLY ROSE, SHARON and POPPY. Heide was recently interviewed on the radio, WFUV.