by Sophie Chen


She gave you all she had
interminable affection
day to night fondness
a bundle of peace
on nights you can
hardly think straight
the after hours
where even tequila
couldn’t calm your angst
yet you
eradicated her soul
disfigured her body
and poisoned her mind
now her absence
eats you away
consumed with guilt
you realize
the toxicity in you
never deserved her


men cry too
though they do it soundlessly
in the darker
stage of twilight
under the blinking tree leaves
over a credulous shadow
oftentimes perceived as
the stronger gender
heartache breaks through
and shatters within the soul
regret finally pours in
as the sky begins to weep
thunder bellows
as if representing
its understanding
of the mayhem in yearning


his lips the color of cherries
breath of lime and vengeance
soul pure as translucent glass
physique craving to be touched
form in maps
of cities and towns and oceans
thick filled to the brim hair
styled up like a wave
on top of his head
eyes seductive and filled with light
so glorious
even the sun feels
a twinge of envy
yet all she desired
was his essence
his abiding spirit
and perspicacious mind.


you are addicted to the drugs
she’s addicted to the ball point pen
to the words that it births
to the ink that bleeds onto paper
you are addicted to the for now’s
she is passionate about the forever
you yearn for nothing but lust
she desires the endearment
you crave new skin to touch
new beer to sip
every weekend
she craves the familiar scent
of the masculine body she loves
over everyone else
every night

About the Author:

Sophie Chen

Sophie Chen is a seventeen-year-old poet who was raised in Queens, NY. At a young age, she loved to write whatever came to mind. It was not until she picked up poetry by R.H.SIN and Rupi Kaur that she realized she, too, relates to the anguish behind the scenes. Her poetry is her self expression and more can be found on her webpage: https://blissfulremedies-org.webnode.com/