by Omar Reyes
   Teenage Angsti was never really 
in love
i was only 
with a loaded 
aimed at your forehead
15 miles away 
comfortably decaying 
on an empty twin bed 
covered in batman sheets 
listening to my favorite band 
singing about broken 
body parts 
dancing alone like 
happy ghosts under 
red lights 
writing poems about 
your pussy and 
how there was nothing 
that i wouldn’t do 
to get it        About the Author:Omar AlexandreOmar Alexandre lives in Miami, Florida. He is an aspiring writer/filmmaker who recently completed his first short film and one of his music videos will be screened during the 16th annual Miami Short Film Festival. His poems have been published in In Between Hangovers, Your One Phone Call, and Juste Milieu. Follow him on Instagram @alexandre88.