by Olivia Du Pont 

Come to me and let me hold you
In the dead of night where voices are hushed
Breathe life into the night,
For you are alive, you are physical, you are emotional,
You are alive.
Let me rock you and carry you to another place
Come with me, let us take a walk
Far, far away.
And while we venture off into this unknown place
A place commonly referred to as “elsewhere”
You will start to notice your feet slowly lift off the ground
But don’t forget to listen
Listen while I whisper hope into your ear
Listen to the birds who bring you light
Feel safe here my dear, feel safe here

But if you find that this world is too much to bear,
If you begin drifting off into sleep
If you start to lose yourself,
Wait for me at the edge
Let me change my clothes
So that I may be able to lie next to you.
And together—
We will go

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