by Valerie Patrick   Work of ArtHold my face like the Portland Vase
Trace the pictures on my cheekbones
Gaze into my eyes like the Mona Lisa
Appreciate every stroke of color
Caress my body like the statue of Venus
Admire the flaws molded in marble
Explore my mind like the Louvre
But, please, be careful
Don’t mind the cracks or the dust
The smudges or the rust
And I’ll send my love in a Shakespearean letter
Each kiss, a comma, each period, a breath. 
But the heart lives onGoodbye to my small-town dream
Goodbye to the anniversaries
Goodbye to the inside jokes
Goodbye to the hopes we would hold
Goodbye to the notes
Goodbye to kisses on the nose
Goodbye to the memories we’ll never live
Goodbye to all of our future kids
Goodbye to the road trips
Goodbye to the gifts
Goodbye to your blue eyes
Goodbye to the star-watching nights
Goodbye to “never letting go”
Goodbye to “never growing old”
Goodbye to our collective laughter
Goodbye to our happily ever after
Goodbye to kitchen dancing
Goodbye to understanding
Goodbye to “I love you most”
Goodbye to walking the coast
Goodbye to the stories we could tell
Goodbye to knowing each other well
Goodbye to the secrets we knew
Goodbye to me and you. 
My Veins Are Gasoline LinesMy veins are gasoline lines
Your lips like matches against my skin
One brush was more than enough
To set fire to what once had been  
November 26, 2018 at 10:35pmI feel hollowed out
Can you see right through me?
I want to stare at eggshell walls
Love isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be
To be is to exist
And to exist is exhausting
I lift the weights at the corners of my mouth
If I’m cold to the touch, that’s just my heart frosting
Let me float down this river
That’s heading for the ocean
I’ll ride out these waves
That some call emotions
The balloons of my laughter are deflating
The party is over
It’s time for everyone to go home
My mind’s a restless rover
My eyes have turned to glass
The month’s just pass by
My body’s turning to marble
At least statues can’t cry
There’s fight, there’s flight, there’s freeze
I don’t want the responsibility
I’ll cower in my corner and just wait it out
Don’t put the attention on me
My heart’s full of hospital beds
But by now they’re all empty
So, I’ll wander these halls alone
And wonder who’s going to fix me   RecoveryThe day I realized I was out of my depression
Was the day I wanted to wear dresses again
And dance in a field of sunflowers
With puppies
I wanted to learn gymnastics
And knit a blanket for my friends
My days seemed clearer
My memory got better
Even the sun seemed brighter
My favorite color turned into yellow
I wanted to get bangs
And do something I’ve never done
I kept my bedroom door open
My curtains pulled back
And added more lights to the wall
I wanted a fuller journal
And a thicker scrapbook
My skin felt cleaner
And my smile wider
My laugh became louder
And my hair lighter
I wanted to organize
And clean my bedside table
I wanted to read my whole stack
And write the stories I filed away
I wanted spring
But was content with winter
And most importantly
I didn’t want you anymore.  About the Author:Valerie Patrick is a student and aspiring author from Ohio. She is currently studying English and Marketing at Kent State University in hopes of working at publishing house in New York.