by Daniel King

Ka Ocean

Oceans form with an oboe call;
Brahma’s seas with a Tritonic horn.
Now the sea is a blue spinel;
Now the sea is a sparkling gemstone.
Cabochon floats its topaz egg,
Shabda on all the signs to be read –
Ka a sign of those first to form,
C a sign of the waves that will warm
Coral cays in a future age,
Coral cays that will lure and engage
Mystics drawn to the Milky Sea
Surfers keen to see Chi Rho Kalki.

As Hanuman strode through the sapphire riptide
So now Hanuman strides to Kalki
And everyone follows in the shadow he casts on us all.

Atman Counterfire

Arcing hard from ecliptic heights
Equitant we hide our fleets
Far from soft interstellar night
Waiting now for war.
Frontmen foes will embrace defeat:
This is what we swore.

Muon blasts interlace the dark
Strafes’ equations factor well
Space itself will be smashed to quarks
Centaur men, rejoice!
Triumph comes with neutrino shells
Kali fears our voice.

Mantra chants now defile their minds
Atman raids now rape their souls
Yantra bombs now erase their kind
We have slashed their race!
Steel enslavement was long our goal.
We will rule all space.

Arcing down what a joy we feel
Bowmen proud we parade our fleets
Heirs, we ride on the endless wheel
Planets must be razed.
Now we march on molten streets
Shiva’s name be praised!

Firefly Floodwall

All those stars, Nunki blue! Soon I’ll soar and see the blaze
Wilderness starwalls hide from me.
Cepheid beacons, chakra charmed,
Flood my path, set me free –
Topazine guides through stellar drifts;
Firefly paths to reach the Rift:
Delta’s light marks the great Sagittarius Arm.

Engines flare, pressure grows; Kaus Australis shows the way
Feral, unfathomed, wild and scarred.
Nebula-knotted twists of dust;
Primal stars, searing hard –
Galaxies cry for prime assault
Noumenal, fierce, my soul exalts.
Vishnu’s Third Leap bestows Trivikram wanderlust.

Glancing back, Titan’s disk shrinks among a maze of suns
Filaments charged with glowing gas.
Thousands of years from now I’ll see
Coming home, worlds en masse
Blazon my name for reaching stars
Nearer the Spiral’s central bars:
Praise Kalra! Praise Kaldog! Praise the king – Hail Kalki!

Moon Arrow

A spacecraft, hard steel-titanium fused,
Alloyed with Mars’ grape, is first the man sign:
Expressing male love it shows the accused,
The world, Kalki rules as Kah, the new Vine.

The topaz half moon is poised, a longbow
To aim my spacecraft at Mars’s red eye.
I’ll land with arms spread, a cross, so all know
I’ve signed a new, Sagittarian sky.

And then I’ll see Kaus Australis, sharp, bright
Emerge from red dust and arrow white rays
At those who still seek to stop me mid-flight,
At those who see crowns as welded cheap braze.

Gita: Outduel Annelid

Galaxies I transit now in astral craft Kavi;
Semiotic nets are spread from text to Milky Sea.
Feral signs condense in empty rifts of space, or, worse,
Lurk inert in cyberspace beneath the universe.
Some like numbers enter minds through sound or sight or thought;
Twenty thousand years ago, I smashed the one I fought.
Far in darkness, annelid, it raged but I, Kalki,
Fearless, chained it deep within the semiotic sea.
Ages passed, it fought again, but nothing routs my men
Mantra-crazed, it self-erased, rejecting every pen.
Great Shikhandi soothed the crew yet spiral shells remained:
Only Shiv machines could clear the minds the signs contained.
Wars like this, Arjuna shaped, are really duels of Five:
Signs are what we battled then and signs helped us revive.
Chaos rules this Age of flowing light, the endless Eight:
Ordered texts prevail against the purely inchoate.

About the Author:

Daniel King is a prize-winning Australian writer. His poetry collection, Amethysts and Emeralds, was published by Interactive Press on May 15 2018. His hobbies include surfing, skateboarding, following the latest developments in space exploration, and listening to the music of Mike Oldfield and Project System 12.” Daniel King Artist Statement: I am an Australian gay writer, with a strong interest in Hinduism (particularly pertaining to Kalki, the 10th and final avatar of Vishnu, the Preserver, incarnating now and forever together with Shiva, the Destroyer), mysticism in general, and astronomy. As a surfer, I am also strongly influenced by marine imagery.