by Alex R. Encomienda

Gene and Phillip walked into the tiny, tin-box shaped coffee shop uptown of Ithaca and picked a quiet spot by the window. As they sat down, Gene realized that he had been overwhelmed for quite some time.

“Is a man only as good as his mind allows him to be?” he asked.

Phillip folded his newspaper and peered above his reading glasses. “Eh, I believe a man is only as good as the universe allows him to be. A man’s mind is just a lump of meat if not for the heavens and the stars.”

“Is that really the truth? I mean- I feel like there’s been too much pressure on man alone. Shouldn’t we give man some credit for at least tolerating the burdens he does?”

Phillip sighed. “If you’re talking about humankind, then that is a given- nobody on earth can be as good as Jesus Christ was and that includes my sister’s Casanova. G