by Angela Shepherd


You came to me as I took my first breath, the spirit which filled my lungs and energized my beginning with grace.  My life dependent on your presence, inspired by your mystery, soothed in your company.  You kept me close as you blew gently blew the curtains in my bedroom as I stood in my crib crying out for, something.  Your energy mesmerized me, connecting our spirits to an essence both yours and mine, clearly divine.   Your power invisible, yet palpable as you sway the forests and oceans, and sustain life.  Though available to all, we maintain a unique connection as you whisper through my window at night, the secrets of transcendence both simple and mystical.  Inseparable, we remain, one stroke of the divine brush that decorated the mountains and valleys fuels you, assuring our inspirations abound.


Whose restlessness beckons as the winds of change stir?  Regard this chemistry which edges our spirits ever forward whilst our feet sink deep into the quicksand of thought.  Breathe in such a way that your butterflies that were once cocooned, now soar, escaping the temptation of discord. As care creeps and threatens to radiate through past and future concerns, seek only the hush of this gentle moment whose sovereignty reassures.  Your soul is cleared of all charges once harshly self-imposed, now throw your arms open to the wonder whose spirit moves through your lungs, energizes the mighty ocean, and sways the treetops.


To the soul, to the pieces, to the fusion of our energies, we dance among mystic rhythms. Flawlessly imperfect we transcend the limitations of the mind with the concert of our hearts, our turmoil quieted by ancient vibrations. 

Untethered from the refrain of expectation, we soar beyond the horizon to our natural harmony.  Gifted in our awareness that our power once surrendered is now released into the wildness that awaits.  Allow the tune, then, the pulse, whose creativity is beautifully intimate and universal, to transcend, as it will our separations once, and again. 


Shall I rise or drift back to the world of dreams full with the unpredictably wild, where reality runs loose and free.  I lay still between worlds of escape and possibility, in awe of the accommodation of this day.  As the curtains blow gently on the morning breeze, I gaze with wonderment towards the clean slate, open page, blank canvas of this day. Passed is yesterday’s cause, with its challenges and triumphs, absorbed by the falling darkness of the night sky.  Our partnership was sealed long before this sunrise as the stars aligned to spark light both adoring and universal.  Tender in humility yet fierce in assurance, we join as we arise, together with patient regard for that which lies ahead.


Within the cells and messes, heart and artistry, we ramble through our days, guided by choices which walk the line between the casual and fated.

Would, that you drift back to me, when in the veiled space between wonder we visited, we spoke not the mystical connection we shared.  Remembrance now our comforts safe haven as if to witness a grace outside of our grasp.  Guarded, we steep those sensations which long ago sparked our heart, fastening our souls.  Lest we wander like a ghost between regret and blessing, seek me now, ripe with the company of visceral fear, awe, regret, and blazing light.  Dare to raise to the surface the core of our brilliance, freed to the dance, the chemistry, the shared relief of the sublime.


As your cloud was to burst, would you rain down upon me with gentle comfort or furious torrent?  Your gathering now shown for the secrets you keep and protect with might, revealed.  I needed you then and ever more, as you collected all the while within yourself, those precious drops.  Whose frailty would expose a depth beyond measure, a widening abyss of need.  Release now, with a flood of trust that which you absorbed, then yielded with each breath.  Soak the shoulders of those who crave your nurturing flood, awakening dormant seeds of dreams reclaimed.  And we will rest, contented in the absolve of your refreshing allowance.


Abide with me in this shared space, honored as our cares drift from sight. Purely we arrived in burst of light, in search and need of the same.  Our presence a divining connection untethered from circumstance or ought. From the heart’s affinity nourishment circulates a warmth true to the remembrance of our authentic nature. 

A glance, a touch, a word, a gentle breeze, commissions a simultaneous influx and outpouring of authentic affections.  The magnetic pull from our collaborative core, undeniable in its longing, draws us enduring, together. Our breath on the wind, and roots planted in the soil of loves only cause, welcomes us home.


Raw to the morning I breathe you in, a life giving rush of cool air ripe within the dawn of possibility.  Gone are the cares of the days passed by, dashed away amidst the shadows of the fallen night.  Perhaps between dreams you reached that goal or surrendered that fear. That which tempts regret from sideways words and thoughts, serves now, only to energize with hindsight’s wisdom.  Envision then this clean slate before you with its enlivened sun and clouds passing lazily by.  Pure in our innocence, awoken from losses slumber, lead from your core with energized heart towards our unity.  Your essence mingling with mine in the light of dawn’s divine connection.