by Steven Gerber     

I gaze from my window,
side-tracked from the
volume of Mythology,
open on my lap.
My notebook nearby,
I am now impacted.
I wallow in the shadows
of West, Steinbeck, Fante,
and all others whom have
graced this great state.
I feel stunted by their genius.
So much to know…
so many obstacles.
Today’s sky is blue,
giving forth no rain.
Clouds of all shapes, size,
and color fill my squared
proscenium window frame.
Also in view are the young and old
of buildings, animals people, cars.
As if in a winks time, everything
first bursts and emotes life,
only to whither, age and die.
So… as the butterflies all
seem to be flying North in
a kind of formation,
and the sky begins to fold
over to a more suitable
shade of dark…
I wonder where all my dead
loved ones and friends
have eternally retreated to.  

About the Author:
S. A. Gerber is a native and resident again of Los Angeles, CA. after having spent twenty-four years in a neighboring “city of sin” in the Silver State of Nevada. His work has appeared in such diverse publications as Desert Voices Magazine…Subtopian Magazine…Talking Sidewalks… Mad Swirl, (where he is a “contributing Poet”)… Sediment Literary and Arts Journal… Poetica Magazine… Black Heart Magazine… The Blue Collar Review…Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles… The Linden Avenue Literary Journal…The Poet’s Haven…Stray Light Literary Magazine… Literature in Los Angeles Magazine… Opiate Magazine… Pacific Poetry… Neologism Poetry Journal…The Lyric…Free Venice Beachhead… The Shot Glass Journal… and Dove Tales-“Empathy in Art: Embracing the Other”, Writing for Peace, An International Journal of the Arts.

He is also a member of the Los Angeles Poet’s Society, (where his work can be found “Spotlighted” on their website).
His two (2) volumes of poetry, Under the Radar and Inventory can both be obtained on Barnes & Noble and, as well as Beyond Baroque Bookstore in Venice, Ca. The Amber Unicorn in Las Vegas, NV. The Book Monster in Santa Monica, Ca. and
City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco, Ca.